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We have been helping people compare and enroll in Short term coverage for over 20 years in California.


Our credentials:

  1. 20 years as licensed California health insurance agenets
  2. No complaints with the California DOI. ZERO
  3. 10's of thousands enrolled in permanent and short term coverage
  4. Free Service - Absolutely no cost to you
  5. Independent and Licensed agents with all major carriers


Our focus is simple.


Provide people the best priced short term health insurance




Make sure they understand the pro's and con's to short term coverage when compared to permanent coverage.


This is a big deal.


Many of the other sites online are only interested in selling short term to you.


Short term may be a great fit for your situation.

or it may not be.


If other sites aren't willing to provide this guidance, they're doing a disservice to you.


For that reason, you'll find comprehensive resources to address key questions:

  1. The Short Term Buyer's Guide - Great place to start so that you have a sense of what short term coverage really is and what it isn't!
  2. Comparing Short Term and Permanent Coverage - It's really important since the ACA (Affordable Care Act) law was passed that we understand what you're giving up with short term. There are tax credits, tax penalties, and many new changes to the market


Buying short term without this information is just plain bad!


We put it on every page for that reason. It's too important not to.


You'll notice that many sites bury the information or just don't provide in-depth detail on it.


Not us!


As licensed California agents, our services are free to you!


We don't want to sell. We want to find the best fit for your needs at the lowest price.


If you have questions, call or email us!


No question is too small. Health insurance is tricky. Confusing even.

Let us help you quickly size up your situation.


With a five minute conversation, we can generally do the following:

  1. Establish if short term or permanent coverage is a better value
  2. See if you qualify for a tax credit
  3. See if you Permanent coverage is even an option with Special Enrollment trigger
  4. Find the best Short term deductible option value


It's a call that can save you quite a bit of money and there's no cost for our services at 800-320-6269.

Short term enrollment made easy

We make temporary health enrollment even easier!


The whole process is online now.


You simply run your short term health quote here


Within the quote, you can apply for your plan of choice.


Here are the benefits for this 5 minutes process:

  1. Online enrollment - no paperwork
  2. Pay with credit card for initial and ongoing months
  3. Simplified health questionaire
  4. Generally takes 5 minutes to complete
  5. Fast enrollment process - Print ID cards shortly after


We can help you with the enrollment process or apply right through your quote here:


Buyer Beware!

We get calls almost daily.

People have been "sold" associations plans and they find out they're not really insurance.

There can be caps on daily hospital visits.

You might as well not even have insurance.

One night in a hospital can run 10's of thousands. A cap of $1000/night is pointless coverage.

On top of that, the costs are expensive! Cheaper than ACA plans but expensive for bad protection.

The give-away is that the reps are very pushy on the sales side. Very pushy. If you find yourself stuck on one of these calls, be careful.


The short term plans we help people with (when appropriate) are real insurance!


Yes, they are more catastrophic in nature but that keeps the rates lower.

We can help people with the Short Term plans and sleep at night!


Let us help you compare the options in an honest and frank discussion.


We tell people every day to stay with what they have because it's the better option.


We figure it will come around some day. Either way, it's the right way.

How can we help you!

Call us at 800-320-6269 or request your Short Term Health Quote.

Our Services are FREE!

QUOTE and save today

Thousands of Californians


Thousands of Californians

from ME

"a million thank you for your prompt attention to all the details concerning this process. You've made it that much easier to enroll."

from SD

"Thanks again for your help - I had absolutely no idea how to get this done when I got up this morning. You've made it remarkably easier than I expected. I hope you're not stuck at the office all night..."

from KV

"Anyway, I hope you got some time off this past week! Thank you again for your help and efforts on my behalf! I was very lucky to find you."

from EK

"I thank you very much for the time that you have invested in handling everything

from SR

"I truly appreciate the quick response and will think of you in the future if I need to make any changes to my insurance plans."

from VH

"You are awesome... takes a huge worry off my back, thank you for your kind. thanks for your time and kindness. !!"

from SA

"Wow, I can't thank you guys enough for your help...I couldn't imagine trying to tackle this on my own!"

from LM

"You are my new best friend. A HUGE thank you again.


About CalShortTerm


Short term health insurance can be a valuable tool to help protect people during transitional times.  Understanding the pro's and con's of short term insurance versus ACA compliant plans is Invaluable

We are Licensed California Agents with 20+ years of experience helping 1000's of California individuals and families.

Call us. you will be pleasantly surprised 800-320-6269

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