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Immediate health insurance

Insurance is not known to be a fast process.

But there are times we need coverage NOW!

We speak with many people each day who have situations like this.

They need health insurance coverage to start right away.

Short term health fits this bill for most people.

Let's look at how it works and what situations work well with it.

If you don't want to read further and you really mean it when you say NOW, you can enroll right here for coverage starting midnight tonight.

Let's look at immediate short term coverage.

The need for immediate health coverage

There are many many reasons for urgent deadlines regarding health coverage.

Here are some of the common ones:

  1. Coverage lapsed and there's a gap in coverage
  2. Sports or extra-curricular activities require proof of coverage
  3. School or College requires proof of insurance
  4. You're travelling and worried about not having coverage
  5. Your mom is upset with you for not getting coverage and calls daily
  6. Weekend trip to Vegas

Okay...some of these are more important than other (or maybe not), but they all require the same thing.

Immediate health insurance.

What does immediate really mean?

Short term effective date

Temporary coverage is the fastest option on the market.

You can request an effective date as early as midnight following online app completion

This may be your only option to move that quickly.

How fast do the standard plans turn around?

Whether through Covered Ca or off-exchange, there are very strict rules now on when you can enroll and how quickly it will turn around.

Here are basics.

ACA compliant plan enrollment periods

With ACA plans, you can only enroll during Open Enrollment (Nov 1st - Jan 31st for most years)


Due to a Special Enrollment trigger such as:

  1. Loss of coverage
  2. Move within or to California
  3. Change in family make-up (birth, death, marriage, or divorce)
  4. Change in legal or immigration status

These are the main triggers.

If you're outside of the windows, you probably won't be able to enroll any way.

What about Short term?

No restrictions on WHEN you can enroll.

If you're eligible for coverage based on a few health questions, we can enroll anytime of the year.

So that's the when of both Short term and ACA plans. What about the effective date?

Short term versus ACA effective dates

As we stated above, Short term can be effective at midnight following enrollment.

That's fast!

ACA plans?

Not as fast.

Here are basic rules for ACA plans (assuming we meet one of the two requirements above).

If you have lost qualified coverage, you can get the 1st of the month following app submittal.


If you enroll by the 15th of the month, you will get the 1st of the month following


If you enroll after the 15th (except for loss of coverage), you will get the 1st of the month following the next 1st.

Worst case, 45 days of waiting.

Those are the rules.

Many people get short term to cover this small gap till new ACA coverage starts.

Again, ACA plans may not be an option outside of Open Enrollment.

We're happy to walk through your situation to compare both options.

Proof of coverage with immediate short term plans

The beauty of Short term is that it's all online.

You quote online instantly
You enroll online through the quote

We usually have confirmation of approval within 2-3 business days.

You'll then be able to print out ID cards and proof of coverage to show schools, associations, moms, and most importantly...

doctors and hospitals!

Okay...more importantly....Mom.

Durations of short term coverage

The carrier are pretty consistent on this front.

The most common durations you can get for immediate health insurance is from 30 days to 11 months.

The 30 days is to cover real short periods of time.

Think "gap" or "bridge" coverage than you can get now until new coverage starts.

The longer durations are generally to carry you out to Open Enrollment.

Once you meet the duration limit, you would need to re-apply and re-qualify based on health.

Keep this in mind. We'll reach out to you before Open Enrollment to see if we can get a tax credit.

There's no cost for our service but we do this to make sure people have the best rates and options.

Immediate health insurance recap

Okay, short term is the way to get the health insurance now (or midnight following now).

You can pick between 30 days and 11 months of coverage.

You have a choice of deductibles and plans to choose from.

You will need to qualify based on a few health questions.

Processing generally takes 2-3 days and you print ID cards right after approval.

That's it.

That's short term health insurance with as close to immediate coverage as we can get on the market.

Run your instant quote and even enroll online here.

or call 800-320-6269 if you have any questions.

We especially want to help people compare short term and ACA health plans.
Call us at 800-320-6269 or request your Short Term Health Quote.

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