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Short Term health coverage for Students

It's an exciting time.


Off to college.

Maybe back to college.

Just Graduated?


Either way, lots to get in order.

Health insurance is no exception.

It should be on your back to school list of things to do.

In fact, many colleges require health insurance!

Short term can be a tool to fill in gaps of coverage since student status is a CHANGE in status.


Let's take a look at how to use short term and make sure it's the right choice!


We'll look at using temporary coverage as a quick bridge and more longer term for students

The uses of Short Term health for students


There are a few common needs that Short term address with college:

  1. Need proof of immediate coverage for enrollment and/or sports
  2. Outside open enrollment and coverage is required
  3. Need coverage after graduation till new coverage is found
  4. Need coverage during summer months when out of school


Let's look at each of these situations and also discuss how to compare short term and permanent coverage including Covered Ca for these needs.

Need immediate coverage for enrollment and/or sports


Nothing turns around faster than short term health coverage!


We can get an effective date as of midnight following online application completion.

There are many calls we get where students essentially say,

"I need to show proof of coverage right away!!"

It's a frantic call.


We have a calming answer. Short term!


Most permanent plans (which we'll discuss later) can take a few weeks to process and may show an effective date 45 later.


This is rarely comforting to a student who needs to show proof of coverage to their college now!

You can even get the short term just until ACA compliant coverage is effective.

The minimum amount of coverage is 30 days. This can carry us out to other coverage including that provided by colleges.


Here's the deal.


Most colleges require proof of coverage and many even have minimum benefit levels that must be met.

If you can't show proof, they will require you to enroll in their college plan.

You can quickly run a quote for the short term health plans here to compare with the college plans.


Keep in mind that short term plans have a maximum number of months and you would have to re-apply based on health.


College plans vary by college but they regularly remain in force while you're a full time student.


Some cover summer while others do not.

The key take away is this...short term can turn around fast if you need proof of coverage.

This can take you out to another longer term option. Many times, students just need to show immediate enrollment.

We're happy to run the quote for you or help you compare short term versus your college plan here:


You can also see if Permanent Coverage including Covered Ca makes sense at no cost to you.

That brings up our next missed Open Enrollment as a student

Students who missed open enrollment

Many students have health insurance under their family plan since you can remain on the coverage till age 26 now (student or not).

If you do not have health insurance and have missed Open Enrollment (Nov 1st - Jan 31st), short term term may be the best option for students.


There are also Special Enrollment Triggers for the rest of the year.


The most common for students are:

  1. Move within/to California
  2. Loss of health insurance (usually family's employer based coverage including aging out)


Many students move to another area for school which can be a trigger.

We want to apply within 60 days of the move to college (or back home).


Keep in mind that if we enroll after the 15th of the month, our effect date may be the 1st of the month FOLLOWING the next 1st of the month.


It's confusing.

We can help at cost to you. Call us at 800-320-6269 or run your short term and Covered Ca quote here.

Also, check out the comparison between Short term and Permanent plans here to make sure you understand the Tax Credit and Tax Penalty.


Worst case, you can get short term till a college plan or Covered California plan starts. This can be as little as 30 days.


Since short term coverage does not go on forever, we do recommend switching to an ACA compliant plan as soon as able.


You can use the short term as a bridge to that option being a student.


One Important NOTE: Medi-cal is available all year. If you're income is below $17K for a single person, this may be a back up option.

Congratulations on Graduation! Do you have health insurance?

Way to kill the buzz. You've worked hard (so your parents believe) and graduated.


Now you have to get a job.


It may take a little bit of time to get that under wrapped and the first job may not offer benefits.


There are two options.

  1. If you qualify for and SEP or happen to graduated during Open Enrollment, you can consider Covered California.
  2. If not or if that option is too expensive, we can use short term month to month until we find our first job with benefits.


There are a few considerations here:

  1. First, can we enroll in Covered Ca when you graduate?
  2. If so, what is the cost and do you qualify for a tax credit.
  3. How is your health?
  4. How long do you think you'll need the coverage for?


Your answer to these questions as a student can dictate which way to go.


We can help you get the answers at 800-320-6269 or run your quote here:



We get many calls from graduating students who want to use short term as a low cost way to cover themselves till they get a job.

Most students are mainly price conscious and want to cover the big bill.

That's what short term is made for.

For a quick look at how Short term plans work, check our Short Term Buyer's Guide here.

Short term coverage during summer months

It's strange that many college plans do not cover summer month's outside of school or provider limited coverage outside of their area.

For this reason, many students look at short term while they're home from school.

This is especially true for students that attend college outside of California and then come back during the summers.

Short term can be ideal for these short periods or gaps in coverage.

Summer is generally 2-3 months and a low-cost option to cover this window for catastrophic health care needs is a smart way to go for students.


You are, after all, now a fully responsible adult (wink wink).


If your college plan has a gap during summer, consider short term.

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